royal wedding album using photo book software

Special Effects you can create using our Photo Book Software
With the photo book making software from PR you can create fantastic PhotoBook Covers. For example the main picture can be surrounded by a beautiful frame or design. Take a look at the sample picture below. It has the wedding picture of Prince William and Kate surrounded by nice floral design.

End User can change the background design on the fly. More importantly this background image can be preset to your “brand” or design. For example you might have a heart shaped background filled with roses on the outside. This design can be “set” in the Template. The training course which will help you build that template with simple ease.
Users can also apply a Black and white filter to the image. For example see Kate and William’s wedding photo below with the Black and White filter:

You can also create Vintage style special effects using our Software.

Our Photobook software allows you to create an Album effect.

You can have just one image on the page with a grand border around it to create a visually appealing effect. Take a look at the royal carriage below used in the wedding of Prince William and Kate below. You can see a Photo Frame like effect.

Photobook software to create a collage effect. While creating a photo album template
the admin can define layouts and designs. Take a look at the example below. In this one the admin has split the image of the Princess into 4 boxes. This is just a sample of some of the special effects that can be created using the software from Printers Rose.

You can create a collage of pictures. And these layouts can be preset.Take a look at how a group of images can be put beside each other to create nice templates.

You can also have the small portions of your background image fall gracefully into the center photo. Take a look at the picture below. You can see that the floral design appears to fall on top of the edges of the photo giving the photo a classy look and feel.

Finally the photo book software can also be used to create a collection of romantic moments.

The photobook sofware from Printers Rose comes inbuilt with 6 European languages. English, French, German, Polish, Spanish and Russian.

You can change the text of these languages or add support for more languages easily.
Special Effects you can create using our Photo Book Software

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